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Monday, September 17, 2007


WOW we had a awesome weekend... did about 11 hours of riding over the weekend.. it was so much fun.. the weather was.. perfect... except for a little sun burn it was excellent... we were going out for a 40 minute ride.. when .. well we just kept going and going.. we wound around many beautiful back roads (posted above in the slide show) and ended up in Huntsville, we drove through Guntersville too.. What a beautiful part of Alabama .. the hillsides were beautiful.. lush and green.. we saw some damage to a few corn fields but it was just one of those phenominal rides...

We had an encounter with a rattlesnake too.. THAT WAS SCAREY!! .. we came upon some folks going the opposite way.. and pulled over.. apparently someone going in our direction had just nailed the back end of the rattle snake.. so it was hissing angry.. and squirming all over the road.. here we come on the bike.. Steve is edging closer and closer.. and I am about to well.. scared that I was going to die actually.. the thing was very close to us.. and started wiggling closer .. especially when the guy behind us swung around on the inside and ran over it again.. STILL NOT KILLING IT!!.. it just made it more angry.. I took a few pictures but I was so scared and also amazed that this guy was standing right by it... ITS A RATTLE SNAKE.,... they bite.. .. geez... I was afraid it would strike at us as we got passed it.. it was one of those HEEBEE GEEBEE moments for first encounter with a rattle snake and Steve's third one.. BLECH!!!!!... The drive .. at least snake wise was uneventful after that.. it was just so perfect out that idea of getting lost on the back roads was far more appealing than turning around and coming home. However, like most good things.. it had to come to an end... we headed home compeletely exhausted..
We got up the next morning around 430 am .. and got back on the bike around 5 45 am.. we headed to Atalla on a puppy hunt as usual.. and much to our chagrin.. WE FOUND SOME WONDERFUL PUPS.. they had some Australian shepards .. beautiful.. .. there is a posibility we might get one from these folks.. the pups were in such great shape.. and so sweet... There was no way we could pack one up on the bike.. we did think about it though..... We stayed at the flea market for a couple hours and then headed back towards Birmingham.. the back roads were beautiful as usual... One thing about Alabama the further north you go . the more the back roads yield to some beautiful country side..

Until next time...
Happy trails...

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