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Saturday, December 16, 2006


A lovely day , December 16th 2006, the weather Gods were smiling down on us today as we took a late afternoon ride through the backroads of Vandiver and Dunavant Alabama .. These roads as you can see by the pictures enclosed ( if you would like a video clip of one of our rides please email me at ... I can not post movies on my blog) provide an array of twisties and sweepers for skill building and pleasure. Though the roads could use some minor repair in some spots it was a smooth ride for Steve and I. The one thing that strikes me so about these rides is the way the locals live.. you tend to see everything from small subdivsions to trailer areas.. too junk heap areas... to rolling hills and farm land. Some of the most amazing houses sit nestled in these hills.. I concentrated most of my photos just on the ride itself.. below are few samples of what we saw.. feel free to browse my flickr sightFlickr: PHOTOS FROM HONIB1 for more photos... keeping this entry a little short.. time to celebrate Chanukah.. put on your yarmulke its time for Chan u kah.. sorry I keep hearing that Adam Sandler song in my head lol...