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Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Here I have posted an assortment of tales from the road , some links I find amusing or interesting, an occasional recipe.. original poems and various other ramblings... so grab a beverage of your choice, find a happy place and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


WE TOOK OUR annual fall tour to Murphy N.C. for fall .. it was wonderful.. check this video out... FIVE POUNDS OF OPPOSUM in my HEADLIGHTS TONIGHT
The ride up was great.. we left late Friday afternoon... after the threat of rainy cold weather.. as we approached Gadsden the clouds disapated.. and the sun shined brightly even with chill in the air...
We had said we would not ride through the Occoee canyon again at night.. much to our chagrin.. we forgot about the time change.. so by the time we hit the Occoee guess what? Yep.. it was pitch black out.. we traversed the twisty roadway.. and midway along a sheriff pulled up behind us.. and followed us through.. We are not sure if he was just being nice and making sure we got out of the canyon in one piece.. or if he was baffled as to why a Bike from Alabama was on this road in the COLD at night time... We safetly made it to Angels Landing.. our favorite B & B. visited with our wonderful hostess Sandi.. sipped some hot tea and enjoyed her wonderful chocolate chip cookies.. We made our way to our room.. and promptly fell asleep...
We went to the Sorghum festival on Saturday and had a great time.. we heard a great Bluegrass group called the Barker Brothers.. really great if you enjoy traditional bluegrass...BARKER BROTHERS WEBSITE... The young man that sings is about 18 years old.. and reminds you of Randy Travis a bit.. there is also a young man about 14 that plays banjo and another young man about 17 or so that plays a great fiddle.. the dad plays mandolin and the mom plays standup bass.. really something to see and hear... We walked around the festival for a while and really enjoyed ourselves.. sampling some of the mountain delicacies like Kettle Corn (wonderful , warm and salty sweet puffs of popcorn) and corn bread and beans .. (Steve~ not me) .. We did get some good riding as you will see below after the Festival pictures..
We decided to do a run on Wolf Pen Gap even stopped at T.W.O. and shared a grilled cheese sandwich .. It was so nice to be there among the faithful.. even in the cool weather and a bit of a brisk wind the crowd was enjoying this warm lodge..
Saturday as the sun went down, it proved to be a cold one.. we walked over to Waffle King and shared a Waffle and amazingly enough this time they did not run out of Waffle Batter unlike last time we ate there.. * refresher* last time we were there.. all I wanted was a waffle ( UHMMM WAFFLE KING.. not to difficult to imagine that they would always have waffle batter right??? ..) well the lady brings me a half of a waffle... said they ran out of waffle batter.. then she comes back with another half of a waffle .. I kid you not.... it really was funny if not terribly pitiful.. Waffle King had no waffle batter that early Sunday morning... sheesh ... * end of refresher* anyhow.. .. we had coffee and hot chocolate and walked back over to our hotel..When we woke Sunday morning there was frost on the bike..
We got breakfast at Waffle King and gave it a bit to warm up outside... we head back through the Ocoee and as always it was awesomely beautiful .. then on to Chattanooga and back home.. Other than a chill in the air .. it was certainly 650 miles of smiles..


Barker Brother's Bluegrass at Sorghum Festival , Blairsville, Ga



Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Seeing that I have not posted in a while.. due to our lack of trip taking.. I thought I would stop by and let all know I am living.. and will be going on some good rides as the season rolls in.. Right now it is too damn hot to travel too much.. We have been taking some day trips to Collensville, Al to the big flea market there.. and to Atalla Alabama to Mtn Top Flea market out there.. we have done a few local short rides too.. We usually take the highway to Atalla and the back road back home.. We love the rural roads and winding our way into Springville to this really cool little shop.. they sell plants and veggies and the best darn hand pies this side of the Mississippi..
Will be back on the road soon ..
Happy trails..